Spring in to a 5k

Spring Into Your First 5k!

Join Elizabeth for an eight week training program for beginner runners that gets you moving and into race mode. We’ll meet 2 times per week and ease our way from jogging a few minutes a day to completing a full 5k! Our end goal will be the Her Madison 5k on June 25th. Training will include warm-up, cool-down, foam rolling, and core training.
-Participants will receive a free HAC water-bottle, race registration not included

Mondays & Wednesdays // 5:30p-6:25p

Tuesdays & Thursdays // 9:00a-9:55a

$129/Members, $175/NonMembers

Register Here.

Fitness is a Lifelong Pursuit

We truly believe Harbor Athletic Club is a club for all reasons. Whether your reason is to increase your fitness level, learn to relax by taking yoga, feel recharged in group exercise classes, or just want to stretch your muscles in the warm water pool, you can find it at Harbor. Walk through our club, and you'll see people of all ages and abilities using our pools, playing basketball, participating in our wide variety of classes, or using our state-of-the-art exercise equipment. We are proud to offer so many classes, programs and services, however, we understand it can be overwhelming for some. If you would like some assistance in navigating your new membership, we would love to help!