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I’ve been a member for many years during which lap swimming and biking served as my primary exercise providers.   But I also continued to be intrigued by what was going on in the Group X classes.  I finally knuckled down and took a couple of classes  (pump and step),  and then there was no desire to turn back.  The Group X program, with its interesting variety of exercise classes,  has provided me with the types of personal challenges, camaraderie,  and instructor leadership, that make me walk out of the Club,  after every session,  feeling great,  both physically and mentally.    If I had to pick a favorite class (not as easy as it sounds), I’d pick pump,  probably because, for me at least,  the strength, agility, and endurance gained from pump serves as a foundation for other classes such as Grits, Step, and Combat.  And across the board, I can’t say enough about the Group X instructors.  They bring an infectious zeal to the classes and creativity with respect to the mix of exercises,  so as to make it fun at the same time we’re all hard at work.  So I hope you get the idea I’m a big fan,   Kudos as I continue to look forward to the next class, and next, and… (you get the idea). Best regards.



If you have been in any class in either the “big” gym or wellness with me this week you are all too aware that we have incorporated 70 push ups into each and every class, a total of 9 classes for me or 630 pushups later!!

Before this birthday I thought a great deal about what it means to age. I had breast cancer two years ago, I have arthritis and osteoporosis,both hips and half of one knee have been replaced, but I am strong and love going to the gym.
I love the workouts, the friendships and the challenges.

Going each morning to Harbor is more than routine. I have made so many friends and met so many interesting people of all ages and I have been able to watch myself get stronger and more fit over the years.

The idea of 70 pushups came out of my need to prove to myself that I could do it and to let younger people know that exercise can be fun at any age, as well as essential.
Fact in point , I am not afraid to fall on the ice because I have a great strong core that will help keep me safe, I can play on the floor and on the trampoline with my grand children, I can laugh, cough and sneeze without fear, and I can do the splits!

Thanks to all the wonderful instructors for helping me get here. Thanks to all the friends that keep me coming to class.
My plan is to do 80 in ten years.

lynn h.

Harbor has been a tremendous help to our lives over the past 5 years.  In 2008, I had a hip that became infected, crippling me so that I could only walk very short distances using a walker.

My wife talked to the Harbor staff and they recommended that I participate in the warm water pool exercise classes.  It was great as I was able to walk in the water and do many of the exercises.

It got me out of the house every day for a period of 3 months, relieving my frustration of not being able to bike and play hockey until I had the hip replaced.

The unisex dressing room enabled my wife to help me change clothes which I could not do alone.

Harbor is an important part of our lives as my wife attends classes 5 days per week, every week.

Stan is 78 years old and is again playing hockey and biking.  This testimonial shows the importance of Harbor in his regaining a very active lifestyle.” ~Zoe R. (Stan’s wife)

stan r.

Dear Harbor Kids Club Staff,  When I joined Harbor a month ago after moving to Madison from Philadelphia, I had anxiety about how I was going to work out while also trying to coordinate haps and feedings for my now 7 month old, Ellie.  I was not confident it would work.  It is such a relief to come in after a workout to find Ellie sleeping in many of your arms or otherwise content in the play area.  I can’t thank all of you enough for making this such an amazing experience for me and for taking such good care of Ellie.  Enjoy the cookies as a small gesture of my appreciation.  Thanks again!

melanie & ellie w.

“I have been a member at Harbor since September 2007 and have long wished to share with you how fantastic Harbor’s Kids Club has been. The ladies in the Kids Club have been the friendliest, most dedicated team of child care providers that I have known! I have been pleasantly surprised that I have seen zero turnover of the staff in the last year and a half that we have been coming. It is highly unusual for any position not to experience turnover, so that leads me to believe that the KidsClub staff really love their jobs! This is evident not only in their longevity, but in their demeanor. The staff at Kidscare is always up-beat, they are extremely talented with children and babies, and friendly with parents. Generally, in a letter of this nature, I would single out one particular person who really impressed me. I am in the unusual position of not being able to single out any one person. I honestly feel the entire staff at KidsClub is really doing an exceptional job.

Thank you for providing such outstanding people to care for my children while I exercise. When I was considering signing up at Harbor, the quality of the KidsClub was the single most important factor in my decision to join. When I learned that Wendi Kuehn was the Director of Kids Club I knew my children would be in very capable hands. Wendi is extremely hard working and very dedicated. Since that very first day, l have never once been disappointed. You should be proud that you are able to offer first-class care to your members.”

carla j

We joined Harbor for the kids swimming lessons and ultimately came to enjoy racquetball, aerobics classes, exercise equipment and the daycare. Swimming lessons have been highly qualified and we have come to enjoy new family time in the pool after. Happy we joined!

megan s.

I had hip replacement surgery 4 years ago, and my Doctor suggested that I take up water aerobics before surgery to firm up my muscles & bone mass. After my operation, I could hardly wait to get back to my water aerobics class. First, I went to the warm water pool to join the arthritis class for stretching and range of motion & then back to the lap pool for more strenuous workouts. Since the water is so buoyant, I have had no problems with my hip joint and love the workouts with my class mates. The instructors are all great with various routines & music which adds to the enjoyment. Another side benefit is that I have lowered my weight & have been able to maintain. I really miss my water aerobics class when I am not able to get to Harbor, where I have made many new friendships with their wonderful staff & members. My wife Harriet also participates in water aerobics & loves it too.

alan h.

Dear Courtney,

In December of 2012 I had my annual physical exam with my Internist. My test results were quite dismal. I was just 2 pounds less than obese, my Total cholesterol was 230, Triglycerides 152, LDL 141, and fasting glucose was high .As you know, these are all warning signs of heart disease, diabetes, and premature death.  What a wakeup call.

I felt poorly with my lack of energy and depressed being a size 14 when not too long ago, I had been a size 8. My physician gave me one year to “fix it” or I would have to go on medication. Knowing that was not going to be a personal option for me, I decided to go the healthy route and try diet and exercise!

Not being one to go this alone, I joined weight watchers.  I needed to have the weekly accountability of weighing in & also the reward losing a pound or two each week. Some weeks I remained the same weight but overall I had a nice & steady decline each month. The group support was a good motivator and I tried to learn just one thing each week from the meetings. I knew if I could reach my goal of losing 30 pounds I would be FREE WW lifetime member. Being accountable for everything I put in my mouth was a necessity.

But the most important thing I did for myself was to use my membership at Harbor Athletic Club! I signed up for a private intro lesson in Pilates & was hoping my core was in there somewhere. I was fortunate enough to have Jessica Schluter for my private lessons. She didn’t make me feel fat or bad. She was so very positive and told me that I had enough muscle “memory” to begin taking classes. She suggested I try Pilates mat classes and also an intro to Reformer down the road.

I started taking regular Pilates classes & one reformer class each Saturday morning with Krista. After a few months, Krista noticed that I had lost weight and told me I was making great progress! That was sure nice to hear!! Then, I hired Becky as a personal trainer. Becky was also pretty positive and challenged me to try some new workout routines. I was a pretty big “winer” but she didn’t buy into my complaints! She got me to try some other activities & a do little more cross training. I love taking barre with Jennifer and Flow with Jill, some yoga, & the list goes on and on. I feel challenged each time I attend a class I also know that I have made a ton of progress this past 13 months.

There are still some very humbling moments.   Like the other day when Cody subbed in a Pilate’s class I was in or when I accidently took a reformer class with Caroline. I won’t be getting too cocky about my success anytime soon! Each instructor has a new challenge to offer. I guess I need that.

Now, I have finally reached my goal of losing 30 pounds in one year. My HDL went from 230 down to 180, triglyceride now down from 152 to 96, and LDL from 141 to 101.My fasting glucose is at 78 and my BP is 112/72. My Internist jumped for joy when she saw me last week & told me that I not only added years to my life, but I also have a good quality of life to look forward to.  I am back to wearing a size 8 and feel great!

I am constantly asked by acquaintances “How did you do it?” and no one wants to hear that diet & exercise is the pathway to a healthy life. It’s just too easy for adults to wash some cholesterol meds down with a diet soda and call it good.

I am telling you that this journey for me was totally worth it. I feel great and love the compliments I am receiving. This is fun!!!

This is now a lifestyle for me and I look forward to logging even more hours at Harbor Athletic Club.



Cathy M.

Cathy M


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