Lynn H

If you have been in any class in either the “big” gym or wellness with me this week you are all too aware that we have incorporated 70 push ups into each and every class, a total of 9 classes for me or 630 pushups later!!

Before this birthday I thought a great deal about what it means to age. I had breast cancer two years ago, I have arthritis and osteoporosis,both hips and half of one knee have been replaced, but I am strong and love going to the gym.
I love the workouts, the friendships and the challenges.

Going each morning to Harbor is more than routine. I have made so many friends and met so many interesting people of all ages and I have been able to watch myself get stronger and more fit over the years.

The idea of 70 pushups came out of my need to prove to myself that I could do it and to let younger people know that exercise can be fun at any age, as well as essential.
Fact in point , I am not afraid to fall on the ice because I have a great strong core that will help keep me safe, I can play on the floor and on the trampoline with my grand children, I can laugh, cough and sneeze without fear, and I can do the splits!

Thanks to all the wonderful instructors for helping me get here. Thanks to all the friends that keep me coming to class.
My plan is to do 80 in ten years.