Member Policies

Harbor Athletic Club's MEMBER POLICIES


Harbor Athletic Club (the “Club”) is committed to providing its members and guests with the tools to Train for Life. The Club believes every person has the right to enjoy the services and facilities offered by the Club in comfort and safety. As part of this mission, all persons are expected to behave responsibly, to act maturely, and to treat all others – including employees, members, and guests – with dignity, courtesy, and respect.

This Code of Conduct forms part of the Terms and Conditions of membership in the Club. By using the Club, a member or guest agrees to the Code, including any later revisions to the Code, which the Club may make in its discretion to protect the Club and Club members. The current version of the Code shall be posted on the Club’s web site (

All persons using the Club’s facilities are expected to comply with this Code of Conduct, in addition to specific rules that might apply to the pools, fitness center, or other facilities. The Club has a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding the conduct of our members and guests; this policy applies to everyone. The following behavior or actions may serve as grounds for the immediate removal from the Club and the suspension or termination of Club membership: 

  1. Verbally abusive behavior, including shouting, angry or vulgar language, swearing, or name-calling.
  1. Physically abusive behavior, including splashing, pushing, pulling, or any physical contact with another person in an aggressive or threatening manner.
  1. Harassment or intimidation of another person, including verbal threats, body language, or other menacing or threatening behavior.
  1. Sexually explicit or inappropriate behavior, including conversations, words, gestures, or any sexual contact with another person.
  1. Theft, damage, or destruction of property owned by the Club or others, regardless of whether such damage or destruction was intentional.
  1. Use of cameras, including cell phone cameras, to take pictures or video of any other person without their consent. The use of any camera in any locker room is prohibited at all times.

Members and guests are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their comfort and safety, including through the use of respectful communication between one another. Any person uncomfortable with or afraid to confront another person directly may report such behavior to an employee of the Club.

The Club will investigate all reported incidents. Suspension or termination of Club membership privileges without notice or other consequences may result from a determination that the member and/or the member’s guest has violated this Code of Conduct.

Guidelines for Harbor MINORS











Allowed during open swim with member 16+ Ages 6+ allowed during open swim with member 16+


(exception: must be 12+, with a PARENT, and trainer-approved).


(exception: must be 12+, with a PARENT, and only rowers and recumbent bikes).

Open gym with member 16+ OR during youth classes.


(exception: must be 12+, with a PARENT, and approved by director).

With member 16+


Allowed during open swim (adult swim is 18+). Allowed during open swim (adult swim is 18+).







Harbor Athletic Club offers a wide variety of youth programming. Many classes are included in a child membership. Supervised swim and court times are also available at certain times of the year. Camps are also available in the summer and over school breaks. Check out the youth schedule for all the youth offerings. (Note: while a child is in a PAID youth class, parents may leave the premises.)


The Harbor Swim School provides group swim lessons for members and non-members from ages 6+ months, private swim lessons are currently only offered to members.  Please check out the swim lessons schedule for more information.


  • A minor is defined as a member under the age of 18. All minors must check in at the front desk or kids club.
  • Members under 14 must be in either the Kids Club or be accompanied and supervised by a member 16+ in allowed areas, or they must be in a program designed for minors instructed by a Harbor staff member.
  • Children under the age of 14 cannot be in the lobby downstairs or upstairs or wait for parents in other areas of the club.
  • Guests: Minors under 16 are not allowed to bring guests without a parent or guardian present. All guest policies apply. See member policies for more information.
  • Please use the family locker room for all children of opposite gender 6 years of age and older.


  • Kids Club is a service available for parents while they are working out. Children must be on their parents’ (or guardian’s) membership or using a guest pass (with a parent/guardian). Children under 14 years of age using Kids Club must be signed in and out by a parent or legal guardian who is on the Harbor premises. Kids Club can be used for a maximum of 1.5 hours per day with a parent on the Harbor premises. Parents are required to change their own child’s diaper. Nannies, grandparents, babysitters, and friends can not check in/out or be responsible for other parents’ children in Kids Club. Nannies, grandparents, babysitters, and friends are allowed to bring children in to a youth fitness class or to use the facility together. Refer to the Kids Club info sheet for more information.


  • 0-13 years old*: For safety reasons, use the Fitness Center/Cardio Area is not allowed. (*bikes, rowers, and some other equipment can be used with approval from youth director and with parental supervision.)
  • 14+ years old: Full access* to the club. Those interested in the weight room, Group Fitness,/Wellness Studios privileges must follow club policies or privileges will be discontinued. (*Exceptions: Tanning beds for 16+ only. Adult swim for 18+ only.)


  • 0-13 years old*: For safety reasons, weight room is not allowed for children under 14.
  • 12 to 13-year-olds: if they have completed Harbor’s Youth Weight Training Course may use the weight room with parental supervision.
  • 14+ years old: Full access to the club.


  • The Harbor Athletic Clubs do not have lifeguards on duty; therefore, parents are responsible for the safety of their children. Only diapers specifically designed for water use can be worn in pool. Children under 6 years old are not allowed in the hot tub. Please refer to the pool schedule for assigned times for OPEN SWIM prior to your visit. Please shower before entering pools. Please review all guidelines posted in pool areas. Must be 14+ to use pool alone. Children under 14 must be accompanied by a member 16+.
  • *PLEASE NOTE* there are no large inflatables allowed in any of our pools.


  • Children under the age of 14 may not wait for parents in the lobby, downstairs, upstairs, in Wellness Studios, or in other areas of the club. Children can read books and use iPads while waiting for parents in Kids Club as part of their 1.5 hour daily Kids Club limit.


Please direct questions to the appropriate director:

  • Kali Fobes, Kids Club Director:
  • John Wegner, Youth Fitness Director:
  • Brittany Pavlik, Youth Programming Assistant and Camp Coordinator:
  • Kathy Peterson, Swim School Director: