We know working out is good for us.  Yet we choose to sit on the couch.  We know that we often feel better after a workout than we did before.  Yet we skip workouts because we just didn’t want to go to the gym.  What is the key to staying motivated?  What is that missing piece? Accountability!  When you are accountable to yourself and to others, you set yourself up for success.  

Here are 3 Trainer Tips from our Head Trainer Jamie Zietlow about accountability:

  • Schedule it!  Get out your calendar, and schedule your work out just like any other appointment.  You wouldn’t miss an appointment at the dentist, keep the same attitude towards yourself.  You deserve it.   For example, every day at 9:00 I am going to the Club. Nothing stops you. A great way to be accountable is to attend a regular fitness class, and it’s fun!
  • Track it!  Do you have a fitness tracker, like an Apple watch or Fitbit?  Fitness trackers are a great investment and can be a useful tool in setting goals and tracking them.  You can keep track of your steps, heart rate, how much you stand, how much you move, even how much you eat.  You can even set up competitions with friends and family.  
  • Buddy up!  Work out with a friend, sign up for a regular fitness class or hire a personal trainer. It’s much easier when you’re not alone.  A workout buddy can drag your butt to the club, when you’re not feeling like it.  A regular meeting with a personal trainer is great for accountability and a trainer will help you safely and effectively attain your goals. 

How do you stay accountable?  What tricks have worked for you?