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Pilates course in progress

Pilates Introductory Series

Begin your Pilates training with a comprehensive (mat + reformer) 8 class Pilates Fundamentals Series. Designed for first-time Pilates students. Develop basic skills and terminology while enhancing core strength, flexibility and physical endurance. Intro series will prepare you to move on to group mat and reformer classes. Bring a Mat Please Note any special conditions (osteoporosis, scoliosis, […]

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Strength for Osteoporosis

Sure you exercise, but do you strength train? Aging adults are at risk for bone loss and osteoporosis. Strength training helps offset the loss in muscle mass and strength associated with aging. Additional benefits from regular strength training include improved bone health and, thus, reduction in risk for osteoporosis; improved postural stability, thereby reducing the […]

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Intro to Tai Chi 24 Forms

This form is also known as the Yang family short form and the Beijing form. It was popularized by China’s National Physical Culture & Sports Committee as China’s national fitness program. This form is widely taught and practiced throughout the world. It is an appropriate introduction to the study of Tai Chi. Fridays, February 22 […]

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yoga workshop

Yoga for Feet

Invigorate your yoga practice from the ground up. Release and engage the tissues in your feet as we transition into bare feet and Flip-Flop season. Explore how your feet provide support for your entire body during walking meditation, reclined, standing and inverted poses.   Sunday, February 10 1:30-3:30 pm $30 Members $50 Non Members

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Barre vs. Pilates. Which is better for you?

Pilates, yoga and barre all provide an effective workout from which you will see positive physical results. All will help to sculpt and tone your muscles and improve your overall health. Maybe you want to increase your flexibility or cardiovascular endurance, or perhaps you want to tone your muscles without bulking up or you’re favoring […]

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