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About Group Exercise

Welcome to our Harbor Group Exercise Community!
Thank you for your support, flexibility and patience. We are so excited to be able to offer LIVE classes again at the club! More classes starting June 8th and will continue to grow. No matter where you are starting in your fitness journey, you can find options in all classes allowing you to Train for Life at Harbor.

  • Registration will be available for all classes for members only the day prior at 12:01am on our MindBody scheduler.
  • There will not be a waiting list for classes. If you sign up and no longer can attend, please let us know within a minimum of 4 hours of class, either by calling the club or by cancelling on MindBody.
  • Current class sizes have limited participation:
    • Cardio/bootcamp/GRIT classes= 10
    • BODYPUMP=12
    • BODYFLOW=18
    • TRX/RIP classes require an additional fit pass.

Les Mills Launch

Les Mills Classes


The sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Dynamic instructors and powerful music motivate everyone towards their fitness goals – from the weekend athlete to the hard-core competitor!


Explosively popular in clubs around the world, BODYCOMBAT® combines moves and stances from a range of self-defense disciplines like Karate, Boxing, Tai-Chi and Kickboxing. It’s a fiercely energetic experience taught in a safe and simplistic manner.


A combination of Yoga, Tai-chi and Pilates pre-choreographed to some awesome music that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. It works on mind as well as body to leave you feeling centered, renewed and stress-free.


is a 55 minute dance-inspired workout that moves with the latest music. It’s cardio funk at its best for those with a passion for movement and dance. Anyone who wants to have fun doing cardio should check this class out! All moves are broken down into simple steps…then you put them all together…options too!


Definitely the fastest way in the universe to get in shape! Body Pump is an expertly choreographed, quality controlled barbell program. It is a revolutionary weight training workout that strengthens, tones and defines every muscle in your body. Express class is 45 mins.


features high intensity intervals followed by muscle conditioning tracks designed to shape and tone the entire lower body while pushing fat-burning systems into high gear.


The 30-minute personal-training inspired core class that has been formulated with a carefully structured, scientific approach and unforgiving intensity. CXWORXhas been designed to tighten and tone the abs, glutes, back, obliques and “slings” connecting the upper and lower body. It will improve functional strength and assist in injury prevention. It will get you results where it counts most! Pre-choreographed to music you love from Les Mills!

Grit Series

Set in a team training environment, you’ll have a great time with the people around you, be supported as you progress and enjoy the mental and physical benefits that only HIIT can offer.

  • Three unique workouts, refreshed every three months, that deliver fast results
  • 30-minutes of intense challenge
  • Explosive music that will drive your workout harder than ever before
  • Certified coaches who give you one-on-one attention and motivation

Additional Group X Classes

Body Boost

Invigorating free style low impact total body work out. Emphasis is on cardio, core, balance, strength, and stretch using balls, bands, and weights, for most fitness levels, with intensity options being offered. Energize- give yourself a Boost. Shoes required.

Located at Harbor Wellness Studios.

Boot Camp

This is a high-intensity class designed for both athletes and non-athletes looking to increase speed, coordination, balance, and strength. Drills will be functional so as to incorporate the body as a whole. Few pieces of equipment are used. Taught by certified personal trainers. Ages 12 and up.

Freestyle Step

A 60 minute workout on the step with fun and exciting combinations and a “go for it” attitude. All step classes are at an intermediate and advanced level unless otherwise specified.

Fusion Core

Work your abs & back through functional & balance training while maintaining proper spinal alignment for low back health This class will focus on your entire core area to strengthen & stabilize your whole body.

Low Impact Circuit

The focus is fun using a variety of functional exercises and range of movement for daily living. Great for a beginner to fitness or those wanting a low impact class. A mix of Low impact cardio, muscle endurance, core training, body weight exercises, stretching and balance work.


The ultimate in shaping, toning and defining the muscles using free weights, bands resist-a-balls, medicine balls and more!


What is WERQ®? It’s a fun dance fitness class based on pop, rock and hip hop music.


A fusion of latin, international music and easy to follow dance movements. The class combines fast and slow latin rhythms, allowing participants to achieve a unique blend of cardio and muscle-toning benefits while adding some fun to their workout!

Group X Schedule

Members are welcome to join all group exercise classes at no additional charge (with the exception of GRIT and TRX).

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Fitness is a
Lifelong Pursuit

We truly believe Harbor Athletic Club is a club for all reasons. Whether your reason is to increase your fitness level, learn to relax by taking yoga, feel recharged in group exercise classes, or just want to stretch your muscles in the warm water pool, you can find it at Harbor.

Closing at 8:00pm on Friday, July 3rd.
Opening at 8:00am on Sunday, July 5th.