Harbor At Home 💪 🏡

Harbor At Home + Harbor Hang Out + Virtual Couch to 5K
We are excited to announce Harbor At Home! Harbor At Home classes will be virtual live classes available for members currently paying dues (email Brian to unfreeze your membership). Classes start Monday, April 6th, more details to come! 
If you haven’t yet, check out our Facebook page for daily LIVE workouts and other content, FREE to anyone! All LIVE workouts are saved and available for replay ANYTIME on our Facebook page!!
We are also hosting our first Harbor Hangout via Zoom! Anyone in the Harbor community is welcome to join us. We’ll play some games, share some jokes and give you some tips for your at home workouts. Join the Zoom Meeting TONIGHT (Wednesday, April 1st) at 4:00pm HERE.
Virtual Couch to 5K with Katy starting Monday, April 6th. FREE for all members and non-members. Check in on Facebook Live at 5:45am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Introduction to the program on Sunday, April 5th on Facebook LIVE.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and encouragement. Don’t forget that your membership will be frozen starting Friday unless you have indicated with Brian otherwise. 
If you want to have access to Harbor At Home and continue to support us during this time, email Brian to unfreeze your membership before Thursday at 5:00pm!

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