New Fall Group Fitness Classes

We are excited to be adding more classes to our schedule starting Monday, September 20th!

Check out the new additions:

Core Classes (included with membership):

Cycle45- NEW TIME- Tuesday 5:30 am with Brooke, on the Pool Deck
HarborFIT- NEW TIME– Tuesday 6:00 am with Louisa, Under the Tent
Barre– Tuesday 9:00 am with Christen, At Wellness
Pilates Mat– Wednesday 9:00 am with Rachel, At Wellness
Qigong– Wednesday 9:45 am with Sandy, Under the Tent
HarborFIT– Thursday 6:00 am with Alana, Under the Tent
Everybody Pilates- Thursday 8:30 am with Christen, at Wellness
Tai Chi– Friday 11:00 am with Rita, at Wellness
CardioCore– Sunday 7:30 am with Jen Z, Under the Tent
Body Combat- Sunday 9:45 am rotate with Karen and Margaret, On The Group Floor

Studio Classes (studio pass or studio membership):

TRX FIT– Monday 6:00 am with Brittany, Under the Tent
Hot Yoga Flow– Monday 6:00 am with Tammy, At Wellness
Hot Zen Strong– Thursday 8:30 am with Jennifer, At Wellness
Roll to Release– Thursday 11:00 am with Tracey, At Wellness
TRX FIT– Thursday 12:00 pm with Brittany, Under the Tent