Personal & Group Training

Guys weightlifting, one spotting the other

Personal Training Suites

Personal training suites will be set apart from other areas. Each trainer will have their own suite and own equipment to use with clients. Trainers can also come to your home!

Protective Wear

When you meet with your trainer you can discuss what additional protective measures you would like. You can request that your trainer wears a mask and gloves.

Group Training

Group training will be limited to 6 people. There will be designated spaces for group training only with specific equipment and we will also utilize outdoor space.

Virtual Options

We strongly suggest you take advantage of our virtual training and group training offerings. Consider meeting in-person 1-2 x week and virtual 1 x week.

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  • Denise Maves

    May 26, 2020 @ 4:06 pm

    What would be the cost for my 15yo and 18 yo? My 18yo has a back injury so he’s limited on how much weight he can lift. We are members.

    Thank you

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