Kids Club

Kids Club is OPEN for ALL AGES

Harbor Athletic Club offers a vibrant and engaging environment for children of all ages. The dedicated team of teachers and staff ensures that your child has a fun and enriching experience every time they visit. From interactive activities to making new friends, the childcare services at Harbor is where your child can thrive and create lasting memories.

While your child is busy playing and learning, you can take some time for yourself to focus on your fitness goals. Whether you prefer hitting the gym, attending a class, or enjoying some solo time, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands at Kids Club.

Kids Club also provides the perfect setting for playdates, where kids can come together and enjoy time with their friends in a safe and supervised space. It’s a great opportunity for socializing and building strong friendships that can last a lifetime.With age-appropriate guidelines in place, children from newborns to 13 years old are welcome for our childcare services. Parents can feel confident that their little ones are well-cared for in a nurturing and secure environment.

For older children aged 14 and above, they can enjoy the gym independently while following Harbor’s Minor Member Guidelines.

So, grab a friend, break a sweat, and let your child embark on a journey of fun and growth at Harbor Athletic Club’s Kids Club!

For quick in and out, pre-register your child on Club Automation


Monday-Thursday: 8am-7pm
Friday: 8am-12:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8am-12pm

Current Guidelines

  • You can check your kids into Kids Club for a maximum of 90 minutes.  For a quick in and out, you can pre-register on Club Automation. Pre-registration is recommended, but not required.
  • Kids Club sign-up is only available on the desktop version of Club Automation, not the app yet.  If you aren’t by a computer call the front desk to get signed up, 608-831-6500.
  • Kids Club Guest Passes are available to purchase at the front desk for $5 per visit. Want to use the whole club? Youth Passes are available for $10.  An authorized guardian must drop off and pick up child.
  • Nannies, babysitters, grandparents, and friends cannot check-in/out/be responsible for other parents’ children in Kids Club.

About Harbor Kids Club

Your child will love Harbor Athletic Club. There are so many wonderful teachers and friends that your child will play with, they won’t want to leave! Enjoy your time to work out knowing your child is having a wonderful time. Many kids like to come and have play dates when they know that their friends are going to be there. Grab a friend and work out together.

Kids Club welcomes ages Newborn to 13 years old.  Newborns are welcome at any age.  Kids can be on their own in Harbor Athletic Club at age 14 years old. See Harbor’s Minor Member Guidelines for policies.  


The Harbor Kids Club has 2 different spaces for your children to enjoy.  The Main Room has separate areas for babies, and structured activities- for example, a kitchen, art, small toys, reading, puzzles and games areas.

The Overflow Room (connected to the Main Room with a doorway) is more of a large motor skills, running room with a play structure, trucks, cars, basketball hoops and the Wii (active games)

Staff Qualifications

Our Kids Club staff must have a reference check and background check for employment and upon hiring receive extensive training on safety and emergency situations.  One professional rescuer is always in the building and we have a fully stocked first aid kit for boo-boos. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Due to the increase in illnesses during this time of year and the difficulty of avoiding their spread in a day care setting, it is important to familiarize yourself with Harbor Athletic Club Kids Club health policy.

Children will NOT be admitted to Kids Club if …

  • They have been kept home from school, preschool, daycare, extracurriculars, or playgroup for any health related reason or injury (includes recovering/lethargy).
  • They have had a fever (temp > 100.4), diarrhea, or vomiting the past 36 hours. 
  • They have yellow or green mucus coming from the nose or eyes, a continuously runny nose, or a constant/severe cough.
  • They have been on antibiotics for less than 36 hours (strep throat, pink eye, impetigo, etc).
  • They have an unexplained rash or hand/foot/mouth in the past 48 hours.
  • They have untreated and/or contagious lice, ringworm, or scabies.
  • They have tested positive for COVID-19 (please follow latest CDC guidelines for testing, exposure, and isolation rules).

If your child develops any of these symptoms, he or she must be picked up and removed from Kids Club immediately.

Please understand that while it is not possible to completely eliminate the spread of illness, adherence to these policies will greatly reduce the spread of germs and keep everyone healthier and happier. If your child is sick, they can potentially expose many other children and/or staff which will cause others to miss classes, and/or work. Please be respectful to others by adhering to this policy.

The above policies apply to everyone and will be enforced without exception.

Please direct any questions you may have to Kali Alexander via email ( or ask the staff on duty.


Thank you for your understanding

Kids Club is included with all children’s memberships.

It is $12.00 per month for each child on your membership. A child’s membership includes access to Kids Club, marked free Youth Fitness Classes, 4 pools and the basketball court under your supervision. See Harbor’s Minor Member Guidelines  for activities by age. Swimming Lessons and some Youth Fitness Activities have an additional minimal charge per session ($).

Kids Club Only Passes are available to purchase at the front desk for $5 per visit. Want to use the whole club? Youth Passes are available for $10.

Register for Kids Club HERE

  • Sign Up is preferred to ensure your spot, but is not required.
  • Register for up to a week in advance and up to 1.5 hours a day.
  • Last Minute Work Out, no problem, just call the front desk before you come 608-831-6500

When your child is associated with your membership, you are assigned as the Authorized Guardian automatically.

  • For your child’s safety, only an Authorized Guardian will be allowed to drop off or pick up your child.
  • The Authorized Guardian needs to stay on the Harbor Campus for the duration the child is signed in.
  • Children are welcome to use the Club under direct supervision of adults other than their Authorized Guardian.  For example nannies, babysitters, friends etc are able to take another child swimming, they are just not able to drop off at Kids Club.  See Harbor’s Minor Member Guidelines for activities by age.

In Kids Club

  • Kids Club Staff will make note of allergies and/or special needs on your account as often as needed for safety.
  • When signing in, communicate with the Kids Club Staff your location and estimate return time.

Everything in Kids Club is cleaned and disinfected after each open set of hours. If toys are dirty or put in a child’s mouth they are put aside and disinfected. 

Kids Club is a food free environment. Food and gum are not allowed in Kids Club due to allergies. Drinks are permitted. Clearly label bottles and cups with your child’s name. We do also feed babies bottles if provided.

Parents are required to change their child’s diaper. Diapers are to be changed on the changing table in the bathroom. The changing station is cleaned with every use.

The parent is responsible for changing and providing diapers/wipes. 

Check your child’s diaper before leaving them in Kids Club so there’s a less likely chance of your workout being interrupted.

There is a bathroom located in the main room of Kids Club. There is a toilet seat insert for younger children. The bathroom is spot cleaned and deep cleaned daily.

We love giving parents a break to focus on themselves and want you to feel confident and safe leaving your children in our care. Please reach out to our Kids Club director Kali Alexander if you have additional questions.

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