Kids Club

Kids Club is OPEN

Sign Up Required

Monday-Friday: 8:45-11:45AM (2 Sessions)

Monday-Thursday: 3:45-6:45PM (2 Sessions)

Saturday: 8-11 (2 Sessions)

Sunday: 11-12:30PM (1 Session)

To display correct reservation times you must Check Your Child and Select Duration and Date


  • Kids Club sign up is only available on the desktop version of Club Automation, not the app yet.
  • You must Select Duration (Drop Menu) 30 Minutes to 1 ½ hours to get correct Open Times and your desired reservation duration. 
    •  (If you do not take this step, it will result in staffing not being available when you arrive).
  • Check the Reservation Confirmation Screen that your Date/Times are correct . If your reservation time says the same in and out time you forgot to check the your child or the duration time). 
  • You must reserve a spot for EACH CHILD from Harbor Athletic Club so we can keep accurate numbers. If you have any issues, please call the front desk at 608-831-6500. 
  • Reservation Spots now include pick up and drop off. 
  • Reservation Spots will be canceled 1 hour prior to start time if no one is signed up.
  • Ages 18+ (18months to 2 recommended 1 hour)
  • Masks are required by law for children 5 and older. We encourage all children attending to wear a mask. 
  • Your child’s temperature will be taken before entering Kids Club. It must be 100.4 or under to stay in Kids Club. This must be checked before leaving your child. This is done with a contactless forehead thermometer.
  • Staff will be wearing a mask at all times.
  • Members only. Kids Club non-member passes may not be used at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions


In an effort to maintain a sanitary and healthy environment, we may exclude, or require that you remove, from the Kids Club any child we deem in our sole discretion to be a sick child. If a child becomes sick while in Kids Club, you must immediately remove the child from Kids Club. If your child does not attend day care, preschool, playgroup or school due to sickness or illness, your child may not use Kids Club that day. We may require a physician’s verification of wellness before a sick child returns to Kids Club. We reserve the right to determine whether a child is sufficiently sick to be excluded or removed from Kids Club, but a child who exhibits one or more of the following symptoms are subject to exclusion or removal:

•    A child with an illness or condition that a physician determines has not had sufficient treatment to reduce risk to others. (48 hours or more for various other illnesses/viruses including but not limited to hand, foot and mouth, stomach flu, influenza).
•  A child does not attend day care, preschool, playgroup or school due to sickness, illness,(includes recovering/lethargy) your child may not use Kids Club that day.
•    A child who has conjunctivitis (pink eye) and have not been on drops for at least 24 hours and eye matting (crust or goop), redness, pus draining and swelling is no longer present (Kids Club discretion).
•    A child who has vomited or had any abnormally loose stool within the prior 24 hours.
•    A child with a bacterial infection, such as strep throat or impetigo, who has not yet completed 24 hours of antibiotics.
•    A child with a profusely runny nose, with either green or yellow mucus.
•    A child with unexplained lethargy.
•    A child with untreated and/or contagious lice, ringworm or scabies.
•    A child with a temperature of 100 degrees axially or higher.
•    A child with an undiagnosed rash or a rash attributable to a contagious illness or condition.
•    A child with significant respiratory distress (consistent bad cough).
•    A child who is not able to participate in Kids Club/Youth Fitness activities in reasonable comfort.
•    A child who requires more care than our staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children.
•    For more information/policies on specific illnesses or you would like to report an illness please contact Wendi Kuehn

Kids Club is included with all children’s memberships.

Kids Club is a food free environment. Food and gum are not allowed in Kids Club. Drinks are permitted. Clearly label bottles and cups with your child’s name.

Parents are required to change their child’s diaper. Diapers are to be changed on the table in the bathroom. Wipes and diapers are not provided.

Is Kids Club free with membership or is there an additional fee?

It is $12.00 per month for each child on your membership. A child’s membership includes access to Kids Club, marked free Youth Fitness Classes, 4 pools and the basketball court under your supervision. See Harbor’s Minor Member Guidelines for activities by age. Swimming Lessons and some Youth Fitness Activities have an additional minimal charge per session ($).

What is the size of the facility?

· Main Kids Club room has separate areas for babies, and structured activities for example, a kitchen, art, small toys, reading, puzzles and games areas.

· Overflow Room (attached to Kids Club) is open when it is busier or there are older children present. This room is more of a large motor skills, running room with a play structure, trucks, cars, basketball hoops and the Wii (active games).

· Kids Club on the Court in the Sports Gym. See the Youth Fitness Schedule for current days and times. (We go down to Kids Court if there are enough children that meet the requirements and we are ok with staff/baby ratios in Kids Club.)

Can anyone be in charge of my children in Kids Club/Kids Club on the Court?

Children dropped off in Kids Club and Kids Club on the Court must be a parent or legal guardian that stay on the Harbor Campus for the duration the child is signed in. Nannies, babysitters, friends, etc. cannot be in charge of children in Kids Club. This includes members, non-members, children with guest passes.

*Children are welcome to use the remainder of the club under your direct supervision and Youth Fitness Classes (not including Kids Club on the Court).

What are your safety measures with signing in and out?

Every child is required to be signed in and out by a parent.

The parent dropping off must be the parent picking up. If both parents are working out and either one can pick up, you must write both names on the sign in sheet.

If you want anyone other than the person dropping off to pick up, you must write it in the comment section of the sign in sheet and tell a Kids Club staff member.

When a child leaves the parent writes the actual time left and signs out. A staff member will then initial that they saw the child leave and that it was the correct parent. The staff must know the parent and child before signing their initial.

Can you take my child(ren) to Youth Fitness?

YES! Sign your child into Kids Club and we will take your children down and up from Youth Fitness Activities (this does not include swimming lessons or Dance).

What is the ratio of children to staff?

Kids Club is a drop off facility. The director keeps a close watch on the stats to make sure there is a good ratio (try for 1:7).

Will the staff change diapers?

The parent is responsible for changing and providing diapers/wipes.

Please check your child’s diaper before leaving them in Kids Club so that your workout won’t be interrupted. There is a changing table located in the Kids Club bathroom. The changing station is cleaned with every use.

Where are the bathroom facilities and what condition are they in?

There is a bathroom located in the main room of Kids Club in good condition. There is a changing table and smaller toilet seat.

What are the qualifications of the caretakers and how long have they worked there?

We have one continuous schedule a year, so you really get to know the staff. We try to learn your names within the first couple of times you enter Kids Club. We have a variety of lengths of employment mostly ranging from 2 to 25 years. They must have reference checked experience with children of all ages, a background check, and safety child class taken. Most of our employees have overqualified schooling knowledge (ranging from demanded babysitters to teacher and directors of daycare centers) and CPR certification (required one person on staff at the front desk).

Is the staff prepared for emergencies?

It is required to have a Professional Rescue certified staff member at all times on Harbor Athletic Club’s premises during open hours. We have fire routes, active shooter and tornado plans. We have a fully stocked first aid kit in Kids Club. We do fill out incident reports and follow up if a situation would arise.

Is there an age requirement for Kids Club?

Kids Club ages are 0-13.

Kids can be in Harbor Athletic Club by themselves at age 14.

Newborns are welcome at any age. Recommended ages are after 6 weeks (post apt for moms) or 3 months (child’s first immunizations).

Does Kids Club have age-appropriate toys and activities?

Kids Club has a variety of toys and activities for all age groups.

· Ages 0-12 months- a baby area with age appropriate toys, exersaucers, baby swings, books, walkers and riding toys.

We have an active baby playing area and baby sleeping area.

· Ages 1-5- A few examples are: coloring, play kitchen, books, puzzles, games, riding toys, balls, basketball hoops, trucks, small play toys, trains set, trucks, Legos, blocks, Magnatiles, doll house and Wii (ages 4 and up).

§ Youth Fitness- See Current Schedule (Ages 1+)

§ Swimming Lessons

§ Kids Court (ages 2 or 3 and up)

· Ages 5 and older:

– Youth Fitness- Current Youth Fitness Schedule

o Examples: Dodgeball, Basketball, Running

– 5-older- art, games, books, puzzles, basketball hoop, Wii, bracelet making, can bring own hand held game systems (certain rules apply)

– Swimming Lessons

– Kids Club on the Court-See the Youth Fitness Schedule for current days and times. (We go down

to Kids Court during scheduled times if there are enough children that meet the requirements and we are ok with staff/baby ratios in Kids Club.)

What does Kids Club Staff do for cleaning?

Everything in the main room area and Overflow Room is cleaned on a daily basis. There is a cleaning schedule for everything not used on a daily basis. If toys are dirty or put in a child’s mouth they are put aside and washed.

Does Kids Club allow food or drinks?

We do allow drinks in Kids Club, but due to allergies we do not allow food or gum. We do also feed babies bottles if provided. There are tables provided in the lobby area and outside (weather permitting) if your child needs a snack.

What do you do if my child has separation anxiety or is crying a lot?

We have had a lot of experience with children that have a hard time leaving their parents. We suggest consistency and working up your time to the 2 hours. Come on the same day every week, so your child knows the staff and learns a routine. We only have 1 schedule a year (with the occasional substitute) so you really do get to know the same staff if you come at the same time. This will give your child familiarity. The Kids Club Staff will work with you and do whatever you are comfortable with. We will take the time to talk with you and find out the interests and comforts of your child to make them feel more at ease. Feel free to bring a blanket, pacifier, drink or comfort item. We don’t want you or your child to have a bad experience, if your child is too upset trust that the staff

will come and tell you. It is great because you are getting parent time but getting stay in the same place as your child.

Will your child want to return after the first day?

Your child will love Harbor Athletic Club. There are so many wonderful teachers and friends that your child will play with, they won’t want to leave! Enjoy your time to work out knowing your child is having a wonderful time. Schedule your workout around a class for your child. Many kids like to come and have play dates when they know that their friends are going to be there. Grab a friend and work out together.

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