Warm Water Pool

Arthritis & Warm Water Pool

Warm Water Pool is open.  Reserve a time slot one day in advance.  Members only.

Our Warm Water Pool is currently home to the largest Arthritis Foundation aquatics program in Wisconsin and the Harbor Swim School program.  We also offer plenty of open swim times for families and adults only.  With a temperature of 91 degrees, the therapeutic pool offers soothing benefits to sore joints and muscles.

Temperature: 91 degrees
Dimensions: 48′ x 28′
Filtration System: Salt Water
Whirlpool: Yes

Warm Water Classes

All classes are 60 minute classes unless otherwise noted.
No children allowed in pool or hot tub during adult swim and class times.
Arthritis Foundation approved classes require a signed release from participant.
No swimming other than class participation during class.

Ai Chi

Flowing aquatic energy. Tai Chi in the water. Let the soothing waters strengthen your body and caress your spirit. Flowing, yet powerful progression combines deep breathing with slow broad movements using the entire body. This class is designed to reduce stress while improving flexibility and balance. (All Levels)

Aqua Flow

This class includes Ai Chi (Tai Chi in the water) and other disciplines combining breathing techniques with gentle movement patterns to help you destress and increase balance, strength and range of motion. Relax and benefit from the meditative and soothing movement in the comfort of our Warm Water pool! Relieve stiffness and stress associated with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis and Parkinsons. (all levels)

Aqua Waves

A more advanced level class.  Includes walking, range of motion and strengthening exercises, progressing to a low to moderate intensity cardiovascular workout. Focus is on improving posture, balance, strength, range of motion and increasing cardiovascular endurance.

Deep H2O Arthritis*

A deep water class designed to create a greater challenge to participants able to tolerate more activity than the standard Arthritis class format in the Warm Water Pool, with no impact to joints. MUST BE COMFORTABLE EXERCISING in DEEP H20 with a flotation belt. Taught by Arthritis Foundation certified instructors.  Physician’s authorization form required for regular participation.

*Held in sport pool.  Advanced option.

Gentle Joints

Arthritis Foundation Approved. A 45 minute beginning level class that includes water walking and a gentle exercise format. Focus is on increasing strength, range of motion and balance with minimal stress to the joints.

Joints Combo

A 1 hour class…the first 45 minutes is the GENTLE JOINTS format (see above description) The last 15 minutes may include Ai Chi, Pilates, or a gentle cardiovascular workout

Joints in Motion

The first 45 minutes is a beginner class (see Gentle Joints format above). The last 15 minutes includes a gentle (low-impact) water aerobic workout to raise heart rate and improve cardiovascular endurance.  Arthritis Foundation Approved. (Beginner to Intermediate Level)


Incorporates Pilates principles from land-based classes using concentration, control and centering to increase overall strength and balance.


Can my child and I sit in the hot tub during adult swim?

During adult swim hours, only adults can be in the pool area including the warm pool and the hot tub.

Can I swim laps in the warm pool?

While we allow people to swim in the warm pool, those who choose to swim laps do so knowing that they are sharing the space with those who are there to play, jump and exercise.

Is there a lifeguard on duty at your pool?

During most times, there is not a lifeguard on duty.  We provide a lifeguard during our exercise and swim lesson classes as well as special events such as birthday parties.

Is the lifeguard supervising the whole pool?

No, the lifeguard is on duty to keep the swim lesson children safe while the instructor is working with other students.


Fitness is a
Lifelong Pursuit

We truly believe Harbor Athletic Club is a club for all reasons. Whether your reason is to increase your fitness level, learn to relax by taking yoga, feel recharged in group exercise classes, or just want to stretch your muscles in the warm water pool, you can find it at Harbor.

Closing at 8:00pm on Friday, July 3rd.
Opening at 8:00am on Sunday, July 5th.