Strength for Osteoporosis I & II

SFO I: The class participants will perform a variety of exercises for proper posture, balance, and strength. These exercises are specifically geared towards safely preserving bone density. This class is appropriate for those at risk for getting Osteoporosis and will include modifications for those that might already have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. A physician’s clearance is required if the disease is present.


Sure you exercise, but do you strength train? Aging adults are at risk for bone loss and osteoporosis. Strength training helps offset the loss in muscle mass and strength associated with aging. Additional benefits from regular strength training include improved bone health and, thus, reduction in risk for osteoporosis; improved postural stability, thereby reducing the risk of falling and associated injuries and fractures; and increased flexibility and range of motion, improve health status and contribute to an increase in life expectancy.PREQUISITE: MUST HAVE COMPLETED STRENGTH FOR OSTEOPOROSIS I.

SFO I: Wednesdays 3/4/2020 – 4/8/2020
From: 1:45 pm – 2:40 pm

SFO II: Mondays 3/2/2020 – 4/6/2020
From: 3:00 pm – 3:55 pm

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