Melissa Marti


Specialities: Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics, Stott Pilates Mat and Reformer, Ballet for children and adults, Aerial Yoga

Classes I teach: Yoga, Pilates

Practice for Life Philosophy: Mindful movement takes us to that elusive present moment where we have the time and space to fully breathe and simply BE. It has the power to take us to the sweet spot — the place where body, heart, and mind truly come together as one.

Our yoga practice clears the clutter, connects the dots, and lays gratitude out on the table.

Each time we step onto our mats is not only a chance to grow stronger (in every sense of the word), it’s also a chance to come back home. 

If I had an extra 30 minutes in my day I would spend quality time with my kids or get out on the trails for a hike in nature. You also might find me rolling around on the floor playing with restorative movements or swinging upside down in my aerial yoga sling!