Workout of the Week with Cheryl

Our hips and legs take a beating every day.  They carry us around from our workouts to work to the grocery store and even just getting up from the couch. Check out these recovery exercises to relieve some of the pain and stiffness you may feel in your lower body. Start with the foam roller and then do the stretches. If you don’t have a foam roller at home, the stretches are great on their own. With all exercises, make sure you relax and breathe into each one to get the most benefit.

Foam rolling:

  • Glutes: Figure 4 position, roll onto the side glute of the raised leg.
  • IT band: Roll up and down the area from your hip to your knee (not over the joint!) and even side to side some, work through those sore spots and don’t forget to breathe – this one is a doozy.
  • Quads: Forearms on the floor, roll up and down the quads. Change it up by rolling with feet straight, legs rotated inward and outward.

Stretching: relax and hold each stretch for at least 20 seconds

  • Glutes: Figure 4 position, grab around the back of the bent leg and pull toward your chest. You can also do this Figure 4 seated at a chair by leaning forward over that bent leg.
  • Quads: Lie on your side and grab the top of your shoe of your top leg. Keep your core tight and the knee pointed straight down as you pull your foot towards your backside lengthening the quads. You can also do this standing.
  • Hip Flexors: Step one leg back and bend knees slightly. Draw your abs in to keep your back straight. Keep your chest tall and hips forward, lean back slightly. Reach arm of the back leg up for a deeper stretch; can be done standing or kneeling.