Jenn Kindwall


In my early thirties and after the birth of my first child I felt the need to regain some strength and independence. I decided the simplest way to do that would be by the occasional jog. At that point running a few miles every now and then made me feel happy, fit, and motivated. After my second child I developed plantar fasciitis and became unable to run. I longed for something to make me feel the way I had when I was running. It was then a friend introduced me to Les Mills Bodypump and I was hooked. Shortly thereafter I encorporated TRX, CXWORX, and GRIT into my fitness routine. I quickly realized this was my passion and signed up for my first training in 2015. A year later I left my full-time job to persue my career as a fitness instructor. I currently am a certified BODYPUMP AIM1, GRIT AIM1, CXWORX, SPRINT, and TRX instructor. My greatest pleasure as a group exercise instructor is motivating my members to go places physically they don’t realize they capable of and seeing the absolute pride they feel from their successes. I truly love what I do and want to share my passion with you.
When not at the gym I work at a Montessori preschool as an assistant teacher. I enjoy gardening, cuddling with my dog, cooking huge, healthy meals for my family, and just being silly with my boys. Crossfit has become my newest addiction, but Caribbean vacation planning will always be my favorite pastime!