Barre Classes Our barre classes at Harbor Athletic Club are the perfect blend of strength and grace. This form of physical exercise derives movements from ballet and is conducted in a group class at our Wellness Studio. Barre class is only led by our experienced instructors and utilizes the ballet barre to perform exercises designed [...]


Cycling Classes Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or looking to push your limits, our cycling classes cater to all levels of experience. With our dedicated and expert instructors leading the way, you can expect a dynamic and motivating session every time you clip in. From high-energy interval training to endurance rides, our spin [...]

Group Fitness

About Group Fitness and Exercise Classes Discover a sense of community and motivation as you work towards your fitness goals alongside like-minded individuals. Our group exercise classes provide a fun and supportive environment where you can push yourself to new heights. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete [...]

Lap Pool

Indoor Lap Pool The indoor lap pool at our facility provides an environment for individuals of all skill levels to enjoy their swimming routines. Whether you are a leisurely swimmer looking to unwind or a seasoned triathlete training rigorously, our saltwater lap pool caters to your needs. Situated on the lower level of our main [...]


Pilates Studio Classes Pilates Pilates is a system of exercises designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Pilates benefits are many and include, strength, flexibility, (especially in abdomen and back), increased lung capacity, improved circulation, improved posture, balance and core strength, along with bone density and joint health. Pilates is a movement system and [...]

Sport Pool

Sport Pool and Aquatic Fitness Our Sport Pool hosts many group exercise classes from water fun and fitness to deep water jogging. In addition to group exercise classes, the Sport Pool is also a perfect spot for individual workouts. Whether you prefer a leisurely swim or an invigorating water workout, the Sport Pool caters to [...]

Swim Lessons

Harbor Swim School At Harbor Swim School, we believe in lifelong learning. All swimmers can continue to learn and improve regardless of age and ability and life lessons can be learned through swimming. Our swim lessons curriculum focuses both on helping swimmers learn to be comfortable and efficient in the water and on how to [...]

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Classes An ancient Chinese art of movement, Tai Chi is a sequence of slow, gentle movements which strengthens the internal flow of chi to promote focus and clarity. It encourages upright posture, openness in the joints, fluid movements, balance, and full even breathing.  There are several styles of Tai Chi practiced throughout the [...]

Train for Life

About Train for Life Group Training Our Mission at Harbor is to help you Train for Life. These classes are limited to 6 participants allowing for a safe, effective workout tailored to your needs by an experienced personal trainer. Sessions serve up the positive energy of a supportive community, and the expertise of our amazing [...]


TRX Suspension Training Classes All of our TRX classes now meet at Station 1!  Click here to check out more about our partnership with the Middleton Fire District and Station 1. Middleton Fire District- Station 1 Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. The TRX [...]

Warm Water Pool/Arthritis

Warm Water Pool and Arthritis Aquatics The warm and inviting atmosphere of our Warm Water Pool provides a sanctuary for individuals seeking relief and relaxation. As the largest Arthritis Foundation aquatics program in Wisconsin, we take great pride in offering a space where individuals can improve their mobility and ease discomfort through gentle aquatic exercises. [...]


Yoga Classes Whether you are a beginner looking to improve flexibility and strength, or an experienced yogi seeking a deeper connection to your practice, Harbor Wellness Studios has something for everyone. Our experienced instructors are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where you can explore the benefits of yoga at your own pace. [...]