After School & Youth Enrichment

Youth Enrichment The Harbor Youth Enrichment program is a wonderful opportunity for children to grow, learn, and thrive in a supportive environment. Through engaging activities and programs, young minds will have the chance to explore new interests, develop their creativity, and build lasting friendships. By participating in After School sessions, School’s Out Enrichment programs, and [...]

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties Creating a personalized celebration of your child’s special day is a piece of cake! You pick the party, choose a day and invite your guests. We’ll do the rest. Everything you need to make your child’s birthday a day to remember, from the plates to the pool, is just a check mark away. [...]

Kids Club

Kids Club is OPEN for ALL AGES Harbor Athletic Club offers a vibrant and engaging environment for children of all ages. The dedicated team of teachers and staff ensures that your child has a fun and enriching experience every time they visit. From interactive activities to making new friends, the childcare services at Harbor is [...]

Masters Swim

About Masters Swim Program The Harbor Masters’ Swim Team is registered as an official workout group through Wisconsin Masters and United States Masters. We run group workouts for adult swimmers of all ages and ability levels that will both challenge your fitness level and help you improve your technique, race strategy and general knowledge of the sport. [...]

Parkinson’s Disease Programs

About Parkinson's Exercise Program and Classes Harbor Athletic Club is proud to offer exercise classes for those with Parkinson’s disease. Our certified instructors teach participant’s exercises based on the Parkinsons Wellness Recovery (PWR) training method to assist in improving lives through movement. Parkinson's Classes PWR Classes are $80 per 8-week session per person. Medical clearance [...]

Personal Training

About Personal Training Harbor Athletic Club has a very experienced team of personal trainers who are ready and excited to help you on your journey of training for life, at any stage and any age. Trainers specialize in a wide variety of disciplines and will be there for you whether you are training for an [...]


Pilates Studio Classes Pilates Pilates is a system of exercises designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Pilates benefits are many and include, strength, flexibility, (especially in abdomen and back), increased lung capacity, improved circulation, improved posture, balance and core strength, along with bone density and joint health. Pilates is a movement system and [...]


Racquetball Lessons, Leagues and Tournaments Racquetball is an excellent form of exercise, fun at all levels of play, and it is so easy to learn!  The game has many health benefits including increasing cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility, stress reducing, burning as many as 800 cal/hr and provides a great social outlet. Register for a [...]

Sport Pool

Sport Pool and Aquatic Fitness Our Sport Pool hosts many group exercise classes from water fun and fitness to deep water jogging. In addition to group exercise classes, the Sport Pool is also a perfect spot for individual workouts. Whether you prefer a leisurely swim or an invigorating water workout, the Sport Pool caters to [...]

Swim Lessons

Harbor Swim School At Harbor Swim School, we believe in lifelong learning. All swimmers can continue to learn and improve regardless of age and ability and life lessons can be learned through swimming. Our swim lessons curriculum focuses both on helping swimmers learn to be comfortable and efficient in the water and on how to [...]

Train for Life

About Train for Life Group Training Our Mission at Harbor is to help you Train for Life. These classes are limited to 6 participants allowing for a safe, effective workout tailored to your needs by an experienced personal trainer. Sessions serve up the positive energy of a supportive community, and the expertise of our amazing [...]

Virtual Options

Virtual Workout Options Our virtual workout classes provide the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Take your fitness journey to the next level with our virtual classes. Our on-demand classes are designed to give you the best workout possible without leaving your house. Take advantage of our world-class trainers and cutting-edge technology to achieve your fitness [...]

Warm Water Pool/Arthritis

Warm Water Pool and Arthritis Aquatics The warm and inviting atmosphere of our Warm Water Pool provides a sanctuary for individuals seeking relief and relaxation. As the largest Arthritis Foundation aquatics program in Wisconsin, we take great pride in offering a space where individuals can improve their mobility and ease discomfort through gentle aquatic exercises. [...]

Youth Fitness

About Our Youth Fitness Classes It is never too early to develop healthy exercise habits.  At Harbor, we are known for our wide variety of group classes for kids of all ages from toddlers to teens.  These classes teach sportsmanship, respect, and team building skills and at the same time improve fitness levels through specialized [...]