October Group Fitness Updates

It’s been an awesome summer of sweating and stretching under the tent! As the weather starts to turn and become less predictable, please read on for some updates to LAND BASED Group Fitness classes- both at the Main Building and at Wellness.

Wellness Tent classes are moving back indoors starting Monday, October 11th. The logistics of offering tent classes and making last minute adjustments have become more challenging with unpredictable weather, we are moving Wellness classes back indoors. Check Club Automation for your class location, or the front desk staff can help direct you. Group Fitness classes will transition back indoors next.

You Must PRE-REGISTER to be guaranteed a spot: Starting this week, we are returning to pre-registration for all classes. To guarantee your spot, you must pre-register. If class is full, you can walk-in to see if there are any spots available. Please be punctual for class to guarantee your spot, at class start time any available spots will be given to walk-ins. 
You can still sign up 7 days in advance. Be mindful of other members and cancel if you cannot attend. Habitual no shows could lose your privilege to register for classes. 

Capacity of classes has been adjusted: We have adjusted capacity of outdoor classes to match what the indoor capacity is so that there won’t be overflow.  

Masks are required in all group classes: In order for our instructors and other members to feel comfortable coming to class, masks are required to be worn properly, over the nose and mouth, during classes. If you have a medical exemption and can not wear a mask, you are welcome to use the studios when they are not in use- this is a great chance to stream a workout from Movement on Demand.

Check your email before class: We are heading into Fall which means less predictable weather and potential staff coverage challenges. Start making a habit of checking your email prior to class. In the event we need to move a class, or worst case cancel, you will receive an email

You will see some NEW class names: We have renamed some classes, things may look a little different in Club Automation. Expect the same awesome instructors, same day and time and class format- just a new name. Here’s a list of the new names:

  • Hot Zen Strong has become Hot Yoga Sculpt
  • Everybody Pilates and Yoga have become Chair Pilates and Chair Yoga
  • PilatesFIT has become Pilates Plus
  • HarborFIT has become Bootcamp