Water Explorers- Summer Camp Recap Week 3


This week was all about water!!!  Our STEM activities involved multiple chemistry experiments that focused around this essential element. Our campers observed how water reacted when introduced to other substances like oil, vinegar, baking powder and cornstarch. One of the favorite activities of the week brought our campers together with a partner. Together we built boats to see what design could withstand and last the longest in the water. The campers also got to make their own “Lava Lamps”, which was a big hit.

For our weekly field trip, we explored to Devils Lake State Park. We hiked, we swam and we took in the beauty of nature. Our hike took us up to the top of the South Shore and Devil’s Doorway. It was a tough hike and we are so proud of all of our campers! We had one member of our trip that was afraid of heights and the campers stepped up and showed compassion, teamwork and leadership to help a friend gain confidence and courage. It was truly heartwarming to witness. After the hike we cooled off by picnicking and playing at the beach. We had such a great time on this adventure- take a look at our great pics in the album below!

Back at Harbor, you know there was swimming that happened during our Water Explorers week! We enjoyed cooling off in one of the Harbor pools each day we were on campus.